Characteristic Japanese design, entirely Italian software and finally a focus on cybersecurity . We are talking about the new video game Cybercity Chronicles , the first edutainment app set in cyberspace, downloadable right away . An initiative that the Government defines as “unprecedented” developed and promoted by the Department of Security Information (DIS) of the Presidency of the Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The initiative is part of the ” Be Aware Be Digital ” campaign promoted by National Security and aimed at raising awareness among Italian students – but also professors and families – of the positive, correct and conscious use of the Internet, social media and of new technologies.

What is Cybercity Chronicles

It is an action adventure in “cyber-classic” style. The story takes up the myth of Theseus and Arianna, adapted in a cyberpunk setting. We are in 2088. Cybercity is the first imaginary city in the world where technological innovation has evolved to the point of changing the life, habits and social interactions of its citizens. Until the wonders of the digital revolution have begun to bring out even the first risks.


Behind this disorder is the hand of the unscrupulous Asterio Taur, CEO of the power-hungry Taur Corp, and became Governor of Cybercity thanks to the criminal use of the city’s network and infrastructure systems.

It is up to the young agents Tes and Diana, of the Cybercity Security Department (CSD), to secure the city, and, with the help of the holographic assistant Ar.IANNA (Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Neural Network Assistant), defeat Asterio Taur. The exit from the labyrinth is represented by the safety of the city and the return of digital freedom to all citizens of Cybercity.

The game contains challenges to face, search for friends to advise, enemies to fight and puzzles to solve through mini-games.


According to the informative material provided by the ministry, in the game there are various tools and training techniques:
– the dialogues of the cutscenes and gameplay provide a series of information and indications that explain the history and the terms faced during the journey;
– during the dialogues the level timer is blocked so as not to “hurry” the player to read them, and thus be able to assimilate the main concepts;
– the presence of the terms of the glossary, called Cyberbook, to be unblocked during the game;
– a set of ” firmware ” rules such as good rules on computer security;
– the importance of ” password reset ” following a Data Breach ;
– some “quests” related to the correct use of firewalls and proxies .

The game also contains minigames to stimulate learning on some topics such as: antivirus, connections and circuits, IP addresses , social engineering . Finally, bosses’ challenges have a meaning related to computer security , transmitted through the combat between good and bad. The Cyberbook is a glossary of cyberspace useful to those who play – kids, professors and parents – to familiarize themselves with the words of cyberspace, taking advantage of the information and lessons learned during the journey of the video game.


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